Activities for school groups in Adventure park Korkee offer a fantastic combination of excitement, experiences and activity in a controlled and safe environment.

Physical activity, especially in the fresh outdoors, is extremely important. On our courses and tracks children can develop their coordination, physical strength and stamina. The different courses encourage students to challenge themselves and improve their confidence. 


We can accommodate varying kinds of school groups from pre-schoolers all the way to high school students (and above). In case some students are not fond of climbing, we can offer activities on the ground level as well.

Adventure park Korkee is an unforgettable experience for both students and teachers!



KORKEE latvarata is set 3 – 15 meters above the ground. The courses have varying difficulty, starting from easy and going to challenging. Latvaradat provide challenges to all kinds of adventurers

LaTvaraTa Jr

KORKEE Latvarata Jr courses are set 3 – 5 meters above the ground. Latvarata Jr courses are easy, and suitable for beginners and families.


KORKEE Kantorata is designed specifically for the smaller adventurers. Four fun and exciting adventure tracks with climbing equipment provide the best and unforgettable outdoor experience.


Geocaching is fun activity where you spend time in the outdoors enjoying the scenery and solve fun riddles! Use a GPS device and provided instructions to find out caches hidden in the nature. 

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