There’s a plenty of things to do in Adventure park Korkee, both in the treetops and on the ground level. The legendary high ropes courses are 3 – 15 meters above the ground, and the lower courses for children are only 1 meter high. On the ground level there’s also geocaching and forest yoga available if climbing in the treetops is not for you. A bungee trampoline fills the need for jumping around.


KORKEE Latvarata challenges are 3-15 m above ground. The challenges go from easy to challenging. Adventurers need to be 10+ years and >120 cm to go unattended.

LaTvaraTa Jr

KORKEE Latvarata Jr challenges are slightly easier and less challenging. 


KORKEE Kantorata is designed specifically for the smaller adventurers. 

Adventure forest

The Adventure Forest is for the smallest adventurers, from 2 to 5 years of age.


Geocaching takes you for a walk in the nature with a GPS device to search for hidden locations.

Forest Yoga

Forest Yoga is an alternative activity for those who do not want to swing around in the treetops.

Bungee trampolIne

Our bungee trampoline takes you much higher than a regular trampoline, up to over 6 meters!

Ice climbIng

Our Dry Tooling tower in Paloheinä is quite unique in the entire country. Here you can practice the techniques of ice climbing.