Korkee Paloheinä is located near the Paloheinä recreational area near Ring road 1. Paloheinä is very easy to reach both from Espoo and Vantaa. The specialities in Korkee Paloheinä include a jump from a helicopter and an exciting free fall jump from the height of 15 meters!


Paloheinä recreational area is a popular location for all kinds of activities. Besides Adventure park Korkee you can find e.g. exercise stairs, open air gyms and a golf course.

Seikkailupuisto Korkee Paloheinä

Pakilante 124, 00670 Helsinki

+358 45 783 54112



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By car

Enter ’Paloheinän ulkoilumaja’ as your destination in the GPS and follow the instructions. There are ample parking spaces just next to the park (4 hours free parking)

By public transport

Bus 66 stops next to the Paloheinä recreational area (Paloheinä ice hall bus stop). You need to walk some 200 meters to us from there.


Bus 560 stops at the Paloheinän ulkoilumaja bus stop, slightly closer to us.

Walking / by bike

Walking or cycling is a nice way to get some fresh air and warm up before adventures. 

Good to know before you arrive