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Adventure Park Korkee is located in two places in Helsinki. Have a look at both of them and remember that while both parks may look similar, they have different tracks and challenges!


Korkee Mustikkamaa is situated in central Helsinki, in Mustikkamaa island, and is very easy to reach. Korkee Mustikkamaa is the first high ropes park in the metropolitan Helsinki region, which has been expanded multiple times over the years. Spcialities of Korkee Mustikkamaa include over 12 meter high climbing walls and a free fall jump from a platform, and a Tarzan slide! 


Korkee Paloheinä is located near the Paloheinä recreational area near Ring road 1. Paloheinä is very easy to reach both from Espoo and Vantaa. The specialities in Korkee Paloheinä include a jump from a helicopter and an exciting free fall jump from the height of 15 meters!