JOBS at Korkee

At the moment we do not take more applications for summer 2024.


Team members are the most important people in our team. You will work directly with our customers providing them with excellent service and experiences.

The daily tasks include opening / closing the park, helping and assisting customers around the park, giving safety briefings to customer groups, (occasionally) helping people who are stuck, working at the cash register and so on. You’ll be working in different work areas during the day to keep the days interesting.

Team members do not need to have previous work experience.


The duty managers do everything the team members do. In addition, they will be responsible for the smoothness of the daily operations and that everyone knows what they should be doing. This includes keeping track of the work area rotation, ensuring that people take their breaks at appropriate times, and that the all checks and routines are completed properly in both opening and closing.

The duty manager is the first point of contact for customers who are not happy about something. The duty manager will lead by example (this is not a back-office job). It helps to be a social person who can keep the team in good mood even during busier days.

A duty manager should have 1-2 years of experience working in this kind of business.


Click on the ‘apply now’ buttons above and fill out a simple form. You can attach a resume and/or cv if you have one, but it is not compulsory.

We start going through the applications right away. We invite interesting applicants to an appx. 30 min remote interview (via Google Meet) where you also have the opportunity to ask questions about us.

We start building the team for the summer 2024 right away, so do not hesitate to put in your application now.

All applicants will be informed on the status of the process.

We start taking in applications right now, and the application forms close on the 29th of February. The interviews will be held in February – March and the final decisions about the team will be made by mid-March.

Training sessions for the team will be held over two weekends in April (20-21.4. and 27-28.4.) It is very important that you can attend these (other training can be provided in special cases, but this is not as thorough as the main training session)

The parks open in May to all public, but we may take in groups in April.

Due to the amount of applications, we unfortunately are not able to answer individual questions by email or by phone. We will answer all questions during the interviews.

We work in teams, so you don’t need to be over 18 to be able to apply. You should, however, be at least over 16 years of age.

No, we’ll provide all training for you before the season and practice regularly during the season.

However, if you’re afraid of heights, then this job might not be for you. 

All experience is good, but our team will have people who are in their first jobs and people who have been working for longer time. We are looking for people who want to provide good customer service and learn new things. In short, you don’t need to have previous work experience, but naturally it helps.

Korkee is open from May to October, and then the park closes for the winter. We have indoor locations that are open all year round (in REDI, Kalasatama). Every year some people continue to work with us in our indoor locations.

You will mainly be working in one location, but some people want to work (and are able to) in both Mustikkamaa and Paloheinä.

We try to adjust to weather conditions and move people between Mustikkamaa and our locations in REDI if one park is empty and another full of customers to avoid stressful situations in any park.

This is always done on a case-by-case basis, but it helps to keep the work loads not too bad and people enjoy the variety.