School Group Mustikkamaa

Reserve an adventure for your school group to Mustikkamaa. The price includes the necessary equipment (harness, helmet, safety device), instruction and more than enough time to have fun in the outdoors!

Price 23 €/person (including gloves; you get to take these home with you afterwards). Note: the minimum group size is 20 persons.


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Additional information

Physical activity, especially in the fresh outdoors, is extremely important. Activities for school groups in Adventure park Korkee offer a fantastic combination of excitement, experiences and activity in a controlled and safe environment. On our tracks you can develop your coordination, physical strength and stamina. Our different courses encourage you to challenge yourself and improve your confidence. 

Reasons to bring your school group to Adventure park Korkee

  • Fun and exciting physical activity
  • Our parks are easy to get to
  • We can accommodate even larger groups easily
  • School groups have discount pricing
  • Teachers/supervisors free of charge 

Other information

  • Price 23€ / person including gloves that are obligatory on the high courses. You get to take these home with you afterwards;  If you don’t need gloves, the price is 21€/person
  • The minimum group size is 20 persons (i.e. we need to charge for at least 20 persons, even if your group is smaller)
  • We can send e-invoices